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Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

SUPERSHOW 2009 sponsored slipstreamer

Bonneville Streamliner

The Streamliner Fitting

The next step towards 'Bonneville' was for Bar to head out to Bob Williams' Team Arrow Racing shop for a fitting in the Streamliner. He got to see and understand the inner workings of the bike and eventually climbed in for the first fitting. The bike now has to be adjusted to fit his measurements precisely as there's very little room to move inside the 2 foot diameter enclosure. The seat, foot pedals, and controls have to be exactly where he needs them to be. The previous pilot was taller so everything's being moved up for Bar. His measurements were also needed for his fireproof riding gear (including fireproof underwear!)

The Team Arrow Streamliner with it's bodywork off
The Streamliner sits in the shop (bodywork removed) at Team Arrow Racing.

Streamliner is powered by a turbo-charged Honda 490 cc engine
This is where the power comes from! The Turbo-charged Honda sleeved-down 490cc 16 Valve DOHC engine.

Streamliner offers limited interior space for the pilot
Bar inside the cockpit which shows how little room there actually is inside for the pilot!

Once he's inside, the control panel is lowered, including the handlebars, and he's now fully enclosed. If you're wondering how he sees where he's going, it's via a periscope peering out the top of the rig. No kidding.

Check back for updates as the team prepares for the Bonneville run Speed Week August 18-24, 2008

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