Bar Hodgson - Streamliner
Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

Bonneville Streamliner Update - August 8, 2008

One final stop at Arrow Racing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, as we head West to Bonneville.

Photos and Story by Hedy Hodgson.

Bar's final fitting in the streamliner the streamliner fitting is critical for Team Arrow

Bar gets into the streamliner to check all the final cockpit changes while trying out his new Simpson fireproof boots, gloves & helmet. All feels good!

the final cockpit changes work out well for Bar the business end of this vehicle is clearly labeled
So we head for Bonneville, and Bob Williams and the crew will follow with the Arrow Streamliner and all the pit gear. We've got the ProStar Suzuki qualifying bike with us - plus our BMW 1150R touring bike and our '53 Vincent Rapide for the Rally in Denver after Speed Week.

On the road to Bonneville

We're well on our way out West, having driven through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Wyoming. Climbing in altitude, by the time we reach Cheyenne, Wyoming, we're at 6,000 feet above sea level. Utah is next!

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