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Bonneville Streamliner Updates August 17 2008

Sunday August 17th, 2008

Bonneville salt flats Where was this photo taken?
a) Timmins in December
b) KOA Antartica
c) Bonneville Salt Flats
The answer is c). We can't help but see snow when we look at the salt beneath our feet and all over the vehicles.

sidecar from France at Bonneville A pretty little sidecar from France that's getting a lot of attention

Some more of the neat machinery constantly passing through the pits on their way to the line

the interesting machinery constantly passing through the pits at Bonneville 2008
standing in line for tech inspection at Bonneville Standing in line at tech inspection give you lots of time to check out the other vehicles

Bar finally gets to inspection after 3 hours in line (the motorcycle line was a lot shorter than the car line!) and the SCTA guys give it a thorough going over.

salt flats technical inspection
the final adjustments to Bar's qualifying bike Bar makes some final adjustments on the bike, we head back to tech and finally get passed at 7:30pm just as the track is closing.

Saturday, August 16th...
Bar and Hedy have arrived at Wendover, Utah, location of the World Famous Bonneville Salt Flats. There truly is no other place like this in the world. All through town you can see the racers and their vehicles arriving at the various hotels and campground. Stay tuned as we prep for a week of intense activity on the Salts.

Bar Hodgson arrives at the Bonneville Salt Flats

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