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Bonneville Streamliner Updates August 18 2008

Monday August 18th, 2008

Riders and Drivers meeting at the Bonneville salt flats Speedewek 2008

This was the riders meeting this morning! Drivers and riders as far at the eye could see. Afterwards we were able to drive the track and that was an eyefull as well. A great chance to see the course as they've laid out

TV Crew for the OFF LIMITS begin filming at Bonneville Speedweek
Back at the Team Arrow pits our "Off Limits" TV crew shows up to begin shooting

Bar prepares for the first run on the salt flats
In line again today... this time we edge our way up to the front of the line for Bar's first run on the salt. Today was about 3 hours in line so a bit of time to make some final adjustments to the instrument panel

Bar gets set for his first run down the salt

Around 4:30 Bar gets set for his run. We'll tell you how he did in our next update!

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