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Bonneville Streamliner Updates August 19 2008

Tuesday August 19th, 2008

Bar Hodgson lining up for his qualifying run at the salt flats Today was spent going through our qualifying runs on the ProStar Motorsports Suzuki GSXR. Bar had to qualify at various speed specifications to go through the 2 levels of licencing so we just kept at it all day. Runs took place on the qualifying course and we started at 7am in line to go, with the first run at 7:51.

After that first run it's back to the end of the line with the bike so we're lined up for the next run. From then on it was at least 2 hours between runs. In the meantime Bar has to go pick up his timing slip, drive back to the Starter to get it signed, then drive over to registration for licence verification.

Bar and Hedy Hodgson lining up for a run on the salt at Bonneville A big surprise to us was the new rule this year that motorcycles must back up their qualifying run, meaning a second pass was necessary each time for each level of licencing. So this was a full day of standing in line and waiting for each turn. There's no shade out there but the temperature only got up to 93 degrees today.

Photo by Dave Lloyd

Bar waiting in line for his next run on the salt It should be noted that after each of his runs Bar and the bike must be towed either back to the end of the line or back to the pits, and back to the pits is about an 8 mile run. The distances on the Salt are staggering.

Update to Monday's photos - our first run on the Salt did not meet the qualifying run speed so we chalked that one up to the learning curve and Bar's Bonneville initiation. We now have a better idea of how to ride the Salt and what to ask of the bike.

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