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Bonneville Streamliner Updates August 20 2008

Wednesday August 20th, 2008

Bar Hodgson prepares to ride the Streamliner This was the day for Bar to switch over to Streamliner mode so he and the crew got an early start on final preparations to the bike. An unbelievable amount of details to go through to get ready for a run on the Salt.

streamliner cockpit is a rather close fit Bar gets re-familiarized with the riders cockpit with some help from Gary Helmsley as he gets suited up in his Simpson fire suit & gear for a dry run before we all head off to tech inspection.

Bar's 'bail-out' test passed in 17 seconds We passed tech with flying colours, including Bar's 'bail-out'. After checking the machine over thoroughly the inspectors ask the rider to get into full gear, get strapped in, and then they announce "you're on fire!" at which point Bar is timed on releasing himself from the restraints, lifting the hatch and exiting the cockpit. 30 seconds is the allotted time, and Bar did it in 17 seconds much to the delight and applause of the crowd

Bar Hodgson concentrates for his first run Bar concentrates on the job at hand now that the crew has pulled everything together to get ready for our first run on the Long Course.

streamliner team goes out to the start line The whole team, including the Off Limits film crew and Bob Williams on his streamliner push vehicle / sidecar, ride out to the start line in a convoy like some bizarre chase scene from Mad Max.

work on the streamliner continues between runs on the salt Even in the line-up the team continues to work on the bike. Bob wanted to make an adjustment to the idle speed so off came the bodywork and out came the umbrellas to give some shade to the hard working crew.

streamliner runs are interspersed with long waits in line We almost made it to the start line by 7pm, the time the SCTA shuts the track down for the day. A mishap slowed the line and we just didn't get to do our run that we had worked towards all day.

We'll be back in the morning at 7am to line up for as many runs as we can get in tomorrow.

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