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Bonneville Streamliner Updates August 22 2008

Friday August 22, 2008

As Bar's crash occurred just after the three mile marker that just happened to be directly in front of the front row of the start of the pit area whose participants had a direct view of the incident. As the SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Streamliner's area was directly behind these teams we were able to speak with teams' crew members who had a front row seat of the incident, in order to help us do a reconstruction and have a better understanding of what happened as the SUPERSHOW Streamliner went out of control.

SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Streamliner after Bar's crash
photo: Dave Lloyd

The following are direct quotes from members of those teams.

"we all saw it! My buddy said "there goes the Team Arrow Streamliner' and at that same moment we saw the chute pop out and the streamliner appeared to stand on its nose by about 30 degrees as if it was going to do an endo, but didn't. It then went into a barrel roll to the right and appeared to slam the ground at least three times and we could even hear the delayed boom, boom, boom each time it hit the ground. It skittered on its side quite a few times as if the back was going to pass the front but didn't, until it finally came to a halt. There was a lot of white smoke (engine compartment fire extinguisher went off). We were rather shocked and wondered whether the driver was going to be able to get out when all of a sudden he came out with a quick roll and sprang to his feet, waved both arms over his head to signal he was all right. The officials' vehicles were right beside us and everyone jumped in them and headed out to the accident scene even before the streamliner came to a halt. I was really happy to see he was OK. I didn't think he was gonna be."

"I didn't see the start of the accident. My buddy said 'look at that!' and I turned to see the streamliner tumbling with two large body panels being flung off (one was the cockpit hatch cover, the second was the engine cover). It looked just like you were landing a fish and the thing was flopping on the ground. It was a very scary sight and I was relieved to see the guy get out of it."

"you don't often see a sight like that. That rig just kept bouncing, spinning and barrel rolling down the course with body panels being pounded off it. You couldn't hear a lot at that distance but right as it came to a halt there was some delayed impact sounds that reached us. That guy was lucky to walk away from it."

"That was a pretty spectacular crash! My friend and I saw it both at the same time and I asked him at one point how many times did that thing roll? Nine? I can tell you it was at least five times that it rolled. He put on quite a show! It was frightening. I was never so happy as to see him get out of that wreck. He's a very lucky guy to have relatively minor injuries. My friend's wife had to leave after watching it"

"I saw the chute pop out but it never had a chance to fill and slow him down because the bike immediately started barrel-rolling which wound the chute up so that it couldn't function. The streamliner kept slamming the ground. I got the feeling there was a lot of "ooo, ahh, ooo, ahh' going on inside the cockpit. I was surprised to see him jump out intact"

We asked many people if they had taken a photo of the actual accident but found that generally the teams considered it highly inappropriate to be taking photos of these accidents. When we asked the professional photographers if they had taken any shots and they informed us that they are forbidden to take such shots and made to erase them if they do.

We were, however, able to get a number of photos that Team Arrow crew member, Dave Lloyd, took of the streamliner once it was released from impound.

SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Streamliner after the Aug. 21, 2008 crash
photo: Dave Lloyd

the SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Streamliner after the salt flats crash
photo: Dave Lloyd

streamliner after the crash at the Bonneville salt flats
photo: Dave Lloyd

SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Streamliner after it was relased from impound after the crash
photo: Dave Lloyd

Sunday August 24, 2008

Bar Hodgson - left hand injuries from streamliner crash at Bonneville Bar's hand continued to swell up (as did his knees) so we decided to get some x-rays done at the local Wendover clinic. The x-rays showed multiple fractures in his hand that we'll have to get taken care of once we get back home. In the meantime the doctor made him a temporary plaster and wrapped his hand and knees with tension bandages to get the swelling down.

We're heading for the North American Vincent Rally near Denver, Colorado so we'll see how he is for riding his 1953 Vincent Rapide in the mountains with his swollen clutch hand.

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