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Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

Bonneville Streamliner Update - July 24, 2008

Another trip to Windsor for a fitting in the Streamliner at Team Arrow Racing. This time we got to meet with some of the crew and the people who work all year round on the bike.

Photos and Story by Hedy Hodgson.

slipstreamer-IMG_0198.gif - 77194 Bytes Bar gets a better understanding of the motor, its gearing, and its power potential as its former rider, Gary Hensley (centre) and crew chief Bob Caskenette (right) walk him through the inner workings of the engine that sits behind the rider.

With the body panels off, the front section of the bike is open on the sides so we can see into the cockpit. It's only 24 inches in diameter – a tight fit. Bar gets ready to put on his firesuit and climb in for the final fit, with some further words of advice and safety regs from Gary Hensley. (Gary owns the 650cc world record in this same streamliner)

slipstreamer cockpit is 24 inches in diameter
slipstreamer offers room for the rider and the 5-layer fire suit, and not much more The fit gets tighter with a full 5-layer regulation fire suit, boots, gloves and helmet on and this pretty much shows Bar's position inside. A 7-point safety harness holds the rider in position. Bob Caskenette helps Bar find his exact riding position while shop apprentice, Edward Dalley helps with the headrest. With the body panels on the bike and control panel lowered into place it will be much darker inside the cockpit.

Bar gets familiar with the controls, switches and dash readouts while electronics expert John Staiger programs the newly acquired electronic system. The small bubble that can be seen on top of the bike is the tiny periscope outlet and Bar must look through the periscope, fashioned from telescope mirrors, to see down the track to the horizon line. For a view of the underside of the rider's canopy with the stubby handlebars, controls & switches see the shot of the raised canopy in the final photo on this page.

Bar gets familiar with the slipstreamer controls, switches, and other mechanisms including a periscope forward view
videographer filming the streamliner Bonneville record quest On our second day there, videographer John Lewis from A Channel Windsor shows up to get the scoop on this great story of men and machines and their Bonneville quest. At this point Bar is back in the cockpit and John is filming him from the side, looking in. In the background you can see the SUPERSHOW body panels and nose cone (hanging) that will go on the bike. Note also that the ingeneous outriggers (skis) that Bob Williams came up with are down to stabilize the bike, even though the rig itself is suspended. The outriggers are only used up to 100 mph, then retracted.

John catches Bob Williams, the dedicated builder and owner of the streamliner, as he safety wires an important component of the engine. The countdown is on as the crew now has less than 2 weeks to get everything ready to leave for Bonneville. Bob's going to make sure that happens but in the shop you can tell the excitement is building and everyone is anxious to get to the Salts!

Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee Bob Williams owner and builder of the Streamliner

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