Bar Hodgson - Streamliner
Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

Well Wishers and Media Coverage

Well Wishers - Media Coverage

Well Wishers

I'll be checking in eagerly several times a day for updates on how Bar is doing on the Salt Flats. Please pass along my best wishes for a successful and safe run and bring the record home... - Steve Bond, Wheels Section, Toronto Star

My best wishes on your endevour Bar, I truly admire your desire to live life to it's fullest and take on these challenges. - Ken Livingstone, GP Bikes

"I went to your web-site to check out your SUPERSHOW dates and I see that you're going to be racing! I couldn't believe it... That's great. I wish you a very safe 'ride'!" - Michele Smith, American Thunder

"Tell Bar that we are all in his corner & wishing him well in his upcoming challenge". - Kilty, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America

Bar... Best of success on the salt- Remember at Bonneville, the throttle only goes one way brother! Cheers - Cliff Randall, President, Randall & Associates Inc.

Hey Bar, From what I know of you, I know you wouldn't attempt this if you didn't think you could do it. Therefore I am confident you will not only do this run, but you WILL achieve your goal. Best of luck to you my friend! Here's to making another sucessful ride. And putting another entry into the record books. Wish we could be there in person to cheer you and your team on. GO BAR!! - Ryders Roost - Bruno G

You have a strong and courages passion for life Bar, we wish you the best in your attempt, With Hedy by your side you will always set new records! Good Luck - Team Freak~N~Leather

Bob and Bar - To both of you and your team - good luck next week at Bonneville in your record attempts. I will be eagerly watching for results via the Internet. - Evan Jones, Scale Models

Hi Bar - Going for a land speed record? Aren't you getting a bit long in the tooth for such shenanigans? In truth, I'm jealous. If you need any additional inspiration (not very likely!), be sure to watch "World's Fastest Indian" before each attempt! - Jerry, Winding Road Motorcycle Times

Good Luck at Bonnie, Bar. Just so happens the KTM Dealer Meeting is in Salt Lake City Aug 17 to 19. What's your schedule? Maybe we'll come out and cheer for you and Burt Monroe! - Dave & Jill, The Sales Team, Parker Bros. Powersports KTM Toronto

"You're racing a motorcycle streamliner at Bonneville? Wow, that sounds exciting! You'll have to tell me all about it." - Bill Lishman, Purple Hill, ON

"Bring us home the record and bring me a record breaking T-Shirt from the Bonneville Salt Flats" - Les Keefer, Brooklin, ON

Hi Bar - Just wanted to say best of luck at Bonneville! Look forward to hearing about your record-setting ride! - Adrian Blake, National Motorcycle Columnist, Sun Media, Producer/Host, Ride! on BlogTalkRadio, Freelance Corporate Writer

"Yow! Go for it, Bar!" – Jerry Smith, editor, Winding Road Motorcycle Times Magazine, Maryland, USA

"Bar, best of luck with this. Hope all goes smoothly. Take lots of pictures!" – Larry Tate, Racing Editor, Toronto Star - Wheels

"... always wanted to see Bonneville and this year seems to be karma. We're planning a big road trip to Bonneville Speed Week ... we'd love to be there when you break the record. Burt Monroe, watch out!" - John Hart, Rogers Media

"Bar... WOW! I opened your web site and you are going to be running a real rocket. Nelda and I are really excited for you and will be pulling for you with every ounce that you win. Our best to both you and Hedy" - Tom Riggins, Four Seasons, Missouri.

Media Coverage

On Line

Globe and Mail article

BlogTalk Radio/ Ride!

2Wheel Tuner magazine

Rubber Magazine

Roadracing World

Stories in Print

Port Dover Maple Leaf – Friday 13th Edition, June 2008

International Motorcycle Magazine – Spring Show April 2008 Issue

Globe & Mail – GlobeAuto – January 2008

Toronto Star – Wheels – December 2007

Mississauga News – December 2007

The Scogog Standard (Port Perry, ON) – Motorcycle SUPERSHOW Section, December 2007

Team Arrow Racing Bonneville Streamliner Bar Hodgson

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