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Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

ProStar Motorsports signs on to sponsor Bar Hodgson's Bonneville Landspeed Record attempt

July 2, 2008. . . ProStar Motorsports, of Port Perry, Ontario, has signed as the latest Sponsor of the SUPERSHOW / Team Arrow Racing Landspeed Record run, scheduled for late August at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

The SUPERSHOW Team Arrow streamliner motorcycle will be piloted by SUPERSHOW producer, Bar Hodgson, a former Canadian Drag Racing Champion and Road Racer, in an attempt to break the world landspeed record for 500cc turbo-charged motorcycles. The record was established by NSU in 1956 at 211mph (339km/h) and is the longest standing World Record in the Bonneville record books.

ProStar Motorsports specializes in building and tuning race motorcycles and track bikes, and has come on board to supply the 175 horsepower race bike to run in qualifying in order for Bar to obtain his streamliner pilot's licence. ProStar will provide the 2005 GSXR Suzuki raced in the Parts Canada Superbike Championships Pro Superbike Class by Frank Trombino in 2007. The ProStar racing team has support from Suzuki Canada. Ben Gartner, President of ProStar and one of the top motorcycle tuners in Canada, will be tuning and setting up the racer specifically for Bonneville. The rear suspension is being lowered and the bike will be geared higher for the high speeds of Bonneville, in addition to the Dynojet Power Commander being re-mapped for the 4000 feet above sea level altitude of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Bar will use the ProStar GSXR for qualifying runs of 125, 150, and 175 mph (201, 241, 282 km/h) that are mandatory to obtain a Bonneville Racing license. ProStar's sponsorship is critical as only after achieving the 175 mph run will a valid license be issued to Bar, allowing runs over 200 mph for the Streamliner record attempt and the possibility of joining the exclusive '200 mph club'!

Bonneville Speed Week takes place August 17 – 24th and a large Canadian contingent is expected to head for Bonneville to witness the event. SUPERSHOW is looking for additional sponsors to assist in putting the Canadian bike and rider into the record books. For further information and updates as the Team preps for the big event visit For ProStar info visit

ProStar Motorsports:

Bar's ProStar Motorsports qualifying bike for Bonneville July 22, 2008...
Bar and ProStar Motorsports owner, Ben Gartner, shown here with the 2005 GSXR Suzuki that ProStar is providing to the Bonneville effort for Bar's qualifying runs. Bar dropped by to check on the progress of setting up the bike for Bonneville Speed Week, August 18 - 24.

Our best wishes go out to Frank Trombino, former rider of this Suzuki, who suffered a crash at Mosport during Superbike practice last week and is recuperating.

Dave Bissonette of RIPP Racing, the Bridgestone importer, has supplied the Bridgestone Racing Battlax Slicks for the ProStar Suzuki qualifying bike.

SUPERSHOW 2009 sponsored Land Speed Record attempt Slipstreamer

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