Bar Hodgson - Streamliner Phase 2
Team Arrow Racing Streamliner and Bar Hodgson's 2008 Land speed record attempt

SUPERSHOW 2009 sponsored slipstreamer

Bonneville Streamliner

Canadian Team Looks to Shatter Land Speed Record in August 2008

Sponsorship Opportunities - July 11th Update - July 30th Update - The Canadian Contingent

SPONSORSHIP Opportunities

You and/or your company can be part of this exciting Canadian record attempt at Bonneville in 2008. Contact Bar Hodgson or Peter Derry to see how you can be involved in making history with the SUPERSHOW Team as one of our Sponsors.
There are various levels of sponsorship with great benefits. Sponsors can be acknowledged in media releases, on our web-site, magazine articles, media interviews, at Shows where the Streamliner will be on display, and at the big event at Bonneville. If you have a corporate logo that should be on the bodywork of the rig that's reason enough to call. The bodywork will carry the names of all our supporters - contact us about getting your name on the Streamliner as it makes its record attempt!

Update: Fast Eddie Racewear joins the project

'Fast Eddie' supplies Bar's Fire suit and Safety Gear
'Fast Eddie' supplies Bar's Fire Suit and Safety Gear

July 11 2008 – Bar gets measured for his custom-made mandatory 5-layer Nomax fire suit, boots, gloves, helmet, etc at Fast Eddie Racewear (Choko’s racing division), who have come on board with assistance for the necessary rider’s apparel for piloting a streamliner at Bonneville Speed Week. Since there’s no fire suit to show you yet, Tony Paton displays the fireproof underwear that has Bar sweating just thinking about the 100 – 110 degree heat of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

July 30 Update...
Dave Bissonette of RIPP Racing, the Bridgestone importer, has supplied the Bridgestone Racing Battlax Slicks for the ProStar Suzuki qualifying bike.

The 'Canadian Contingent'

If you're planning on heading out to Utah with us in August(18th to the 24th) as a spectator we'd love to have you as part of our Canadian contingent. Be forewarned that all the hotels and campgrounds in Wendover (where the Speedway is) are completely booked, as well as in West Wendover, across the border into Nevada. You will probably have to find accommodation in Salt Lake City about an hour's drive to the Speedway. Let us know if you find anything closer and we'll post it here for everyone.

Streamliner Press Releases:
June 2 Press Release
July 2 Press Release

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