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The Bar Hodgson Motorcycle Collection

Bar Hodgson's Collection of Rare and Significant Motorcycles

Bar Hodgson shows his guests some of his collection of motorcycles

The Bar Hodgson Collection is a private collection of motorcycles acquired from all across the globe. It includes vintage bikes, race bikes, street bikes, custom bikes, sidecars, landspeed bikes, prototypes and more. Many have been restored by experts in Canada and the US, some are in 'as found' condition due to the relevance of their story. The racing motorcycles, being historically significant to motorcycle racing in Canada, were purchased from Canadian racing champions some of whom included their racing leathers to display along with the bike. Bar and Hedy would bring out motorcycles to show to the public, sometimes one or two, and sometimes a whole trailer load, for events or a special display, complete with signage acknowledging restorers, previous owners, racers and anyone with a link to a particular motorcycle. This was a way to share the Collection with motorcyclists and pass on the historical knowledge.

Below are links to some amazing video footage as well as past magazine articles and stories that we think you'll like about several bikes in The Collection, to give you a front row seat allowing you to see some of Bar's favourites.

Videos of Our Bikes on YouTube

1920 Indian Board Track Racer

1929 Harley Model JD

1934 Scott TT Replica

1936 Norton Model 18

1938 Rudge Special

1938 BSA Empire Star

1938 Ariel Square 4

1939 BMW R/12

1939 Panther

1940 Indian Four

1947 Indian Chief

1948 Whizzer

1953 Vincent Rapide

1954 Victoria Bergmeister

1954 BMW R51/3

1955 NSU Max

1955 Jawa

1956 NSU Lambretta

1956 Harley KHK

1959 Triumph Bonneville

1960 Harley FLH

Hall of Fame Induction and speech

Starting Gunga Din for the first time at Mosport

Gunga Din Take off

Two Wheel Classics interview and video of Gunga Din

The Bar Hodgson Collection of rare and signicificant motorcycles includes many Vincent Motorcycles including this Rapide

1959 Triumph Bonneville 650cc four stroke pushrod overhead valve twin cylinder engine

NSU Fox, a small displacement German motorcycle

1947 Indian Chief 74ci (1200cc) four stroke V-twin

Magazine Articles

1934 Scott 600cc 1934 TT Replica

NSU Restoration "NSU - The German Jewel"

1947 Series B Vincent Rapide "The Legend of Gunga Din"

1950 Norton International E30T 500 "Billy Mathews Bike"

1953 Vincent Rapide "Resurrection of a Prodigal Son"

1953 Vincent Rapide "Riding a Legend"

1964 Harley/Aermacchi 250 cc CRTT "An Italian Harley"

1977 TZ750 D "The Day I Almost Beat Yvon Duhamel"

1979 GS1000 Suzuki "Art Robbins Bike"

1987 Aprilia AF-1 250 "Que Bella Machina"

Kawasaki KZ1000 "The Second Hindle bike"

Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance Best in Show

The Vincent Gunga Din "Gunga Din wins Meadowbrook"

1980 IZH Planeta Sport, 350cc two stroke single cylinder motorcycle

Moto Morini, 500cc V-twin with Heron heads debuted in 1975

More Magazine Articles

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine did a series of articles on the Bar Hodgson Collection

British Motorcycles

German Motorcycles

North American and European Motorcycles

Italian Motorcycles

Japanese Motorcycles

Racing Motorcycles

In the Mojo website: Vincent Egli Black Panther

1969 Kawasaki Mach III Piston port two stroke triple cylinder legendary motorcycle

1981 Kawasaki KZ1000 Hindle Superbike 998cc four stroke four cylinder, one of two bikes used by Lang Hindle to win the 1982 Canadian Superbike Championship. Restored  by Ken Livingstone

Note: As this is a private collection, there is not a public location at which to view the bikes, aside from events and special displays where Bar brings out a selection for public viewing.

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