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In Memory Of

John Renwick

Bar Hodgson and John Renwick
Recently our friend and fellow Vincent enthusiast John Renwick, from Surrey, England, passed away and we were very sad to hear this. We purchased 'Altometheus 2', a Vincent-engined sidecar land speed racer, from John a few years back. John is the builder of this infamous racer and he raced it at Bonneville in 2012 to a top speed of 205mph.

Altometheus 2 the land speed racer built by John Renwick at the Spring Motorcycle Show
We have shown Altometheus 2 at the Spring Motorcycle Show before but if you missed seeing it in person we have a couple of videos taken when John was visiting us back in 2014. We got to work on the racer with him and start it up for the crowd of invitees. It also happened to be John's birthday that day.

These clips show some banter while the crew of Bar Hodgson, Ken Livingstone, Steve Munro and John Renwick prep the bike to bring it outside for the start up. John was very entertaining and most anxious to impart his wisdom about the bike to the guys.

And here's one of the start up attempts with Bar, Ken and John, and the anxious crowd. Apology: The video of the actual start up has been lost. Suffice it to say everyone burst into applause when Altometheus 2 came to life!

Altometheus 2 is a great addition to the Bar Hodgson Collection and we'll always remember John as its creator. We are proud to be able to keep his memory alive as part of Altometheus 2's history.

Altometheus 2 with it's creator John Renwick and it's current owner Bar Hodgson
John and his wife Marilyn can be seen in front of Althometheus with Bar.

All photos and videos by Hedy Hodgson

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