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CURRENT PROJECTS: What is Bar working on now?



Eddie Lawson on the cover of Cycle World Magazine, with the original Kawasaki Racer Bar and his friends from a riding trip in the 70's in Ontario near Algonquin park

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Black Lightening Replica

Bar's Vincent Black Lightning Replica Project

Bar Hodgson's Vincent Black Lightning Replica Project

In between the various hold-ups that often occur during a current project, I deal with situations for future projects. So with the 'Café Godet' frame slowdowns I've moved over to my 'Black Lightning Replica' project acquired many years back when a friend in our Vincent Owners' Club Eastern Canada section realized that he had a few projects too many... Read more about the Vincent Black Lightening Replica Project - Part 2 - Part 3

Café Godet

Bar's 'Tribute to Patrick Godet' Vincent Project

Cafe Godet Vincent project build by Bar Hodgson

Here is a sneak preview of my latest creation, now under construction. Café Godet is its name; Café 'because it's a café racer, and Godet 'in Tribute to Patrick'. But sometimes I refer to it as my 'How I kept busy during the Quarantine' Bike! Shown in its early mock-up design stage, this very special project uses some very special components from very special people in the Vincent world. The engine was especially built for me by the legendary Egli-Vincent builder, Patrick Godet, at his workshop in France, as a 1330cc 100hp magnesium electric-start engine. Patrick was assigned engine number F13MB/5C/17111 and the matching case numbers of BH M1; BH for Bar Hodgson, and M1 for Magnesium Engine #1. This is the only 1330cc magnesium engine Patrick built before his untimely death. I've installed a NOS set of Swiss engineer Fritz Egli magnesium racing forks onto my Egli-style frame (that I’ve had John Connery paint red to match the Egli forks), along with Spondon magnesium calipers and rotors, mounted on Campagnolo magnesium wheels. The alloy bodywork was custom built by Dave Ashenbrener of Legendary Motorcycles in Florida. The SMITHS 'yellow dial' 180mph speedo and 8,000 rpm tachometer are Vincent Black Lightning racing items.

To see how it all started, and for ongoing project updates as the build progresses, visit our dedicated Café Godet section: Updates Part 1 - Updates Part 2.


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"Black Jack" Project

Black Jack project by Bar Hodgson a 1947 Vincent engine with a Curtis frame
Bar has several bike builds on the go in 2 workshops. No less than 6 workbenches containing restorations, custom builds and basket cases at various stages make you wonder how many people are working here. But, it’s just Bar. If one project gets held up waiting for paint or a part on order, he moves to another station and immerses himself in that build. Pictured above is 'Black Jack', a 1947 Vincent engine, Curtis framed tough little street fighter in the main workshop.

fly wheel balancing in progress Bar Hodgson working on his collection
Precision balancing: Bar sets up a jig to balance a set of fly wheels.

Past projects:

1949 Vincent Meteor recently complete by Bar Hodgson for his collection
This was on the go and recently completed – a 1949 Vincent Meteor

The Infamous Redneck Vincent Black Chopper, a 998cc Vincent engine in a custom chopper frame
The infamous 'Redneck' Vincent Black Chopper. Bar installed his 998cc Vincent 'Pickers' engine as found by Mike & Frank of American Pickers. A highly polished Vincent engine perfectly suited to this artistic interpretation of the classic marque.

the Curtis frame for the Black Jack project bike by Bar Hodgson, seen here freshly painted by Connery Custom Paint with painter John Connery and Bar Hodgson
Picking up the painted 'Black Jack' frame from John Connery of Connery Custom Paint.

Built by Bar - the decal Bar Hodgson put on all bikes and engines he built for customers
Back in the 60s when Bar was building engines and custom bikes for customers of his "Bar's Custom Motorcycles" shop on Gerrard Street East in Toronto each engine and bike would sport the decal 'Built by Bar'. Some of those engines are still around.

All photos by Hedy Hodgson unless otherwise noted.


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